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IIS is dead - Long live IIS!

December 22
by steffen 22. December 2014 14:35

A major part developing is debugging. Stepping through your code, inspecting variable and verifying the the program flow behaves as predicted is an essential skill for any developer. The debugger in Visual Studio is pretty good. Place you desired breakpoint, hit F5 and Visual Studio will fire up the local IIS and open up a new browser window (if it is a web application) and you're good to go.

The process of perfecting the code is usually requires alot of "trial and error", where each time you start the debugger, find a bug, stop the debugger, fix the bug and start over. By default Visual Studio will shut down the local IIS when you stop the debugger. That means that if you make a small fix in the code and compile it, you can't just refresh the browser and see the result of the new code instantly. 

Luckily there is an easy fix for this. In Visual Studio go to "Tools -> Options" and in this small popup window, find "Debugging -> Edit and Continue". Remove the checkmark in the "Enable Edit and Continue" from the checkbox and you're all good to go.

IIS will always shut down, when you close Visual Studio. If you want to shut down IIS without closing Visual Studion, go to the system tray, right click the IIS icon and choose close.


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